American Nutriceuticals Vitality C – 200g – 2pack

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  • 4 Grams of neutral pH Vitamin C per scoop, that does not cause an upset stomach
  • Enhanced absorption utilizing 4 different biological pathways
  • Powerful antioxidant and immune booster

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Product Description

Vitality C is a good tasting high potency Vitamin C powder enhanced with a GMS Ribose Complex. It contains 4 grams of Vitamin C per teaspoon that can be taken without causing an upset stomach, bloating, gas or diarrhea that usually comes with higher doses of Vitamin C. Our Vitality C utilizes four unique uptake pathways for maximum absorption:

1.) Glucose Pathway- the most common pathway for Vitamin C uptake, utilized by many nutrients. Because Vitality C can utilize three other pathways, it does not need to wait in line to be absorbed.

2.) Sodium Pathway- The fully attached elemental sodium molecule is another important pathway Vitality C utilizes for absorption. Since it does not break down in the gut, it does not cause an upset stomach (as most Vitamin C products would do at this dosage). Note: this differs from common table salt in that it is not combined with chloride, the sodium salt most associated with hypertension.

3.) Pentose Phosphate Pathway- The added GMS-Ribose complex, uses the Pentose Phosphate pathway as an additional gateway for further absorption into the cell.

4.) Bioavailable Organic Sulphur (BOT))- The BOT enhancement supports healthy connective tissues, but also creates more pliable and permeable cells.

When water and nutrients flow freely into cells, and wastes and toxins flow out properly, our bodies are able to eliminate toxins more efficiently and absorb nutrients more readily. By utilizing these four unique uptake pathways, Vitality C maximizes absorption and bypasses the gut reaction that would normally occur when taking high levels. This dosage allows for maximum support to the immune system and to aid detoxification. Vitamin C is probably one of the most effective, safe and beneficial vitamins for fighting many chronic and degenerative diseases as well as fighting the common cold. Vitality C is neutral tasting, can be easily mixed with any liquid and safe for all ages.