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Dr. Tung’s – Perio Sticks Plaque Removers X-Thin – 100 Sticks – Pack of 6


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Product Description

Dr Tung’s Perio-Sticks! The shape of sticks to come! Perio SticksTM fit comfortably between teeth, stimulate gums, and remove plaque and food particles like no other dental stick. Feels so good! Professionally designed for efficacy and comfort with a slim, yet curving, triangle profile. Dr Tung’s Perio- Sticks are double-sided, made of eco-certified Nordic birch, have tapered, anatomical profile, naturally biodegradable, do not have any added dyes or flavor and are extra-thin, for tight spaces. • Double-sided • Eco-certified Nordic birch • Tapered, anatomical profile • Naturally biodegradable • No added dyes or flavor • Extra-thin, for tight spaces